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Program Name Bachelor's Pre-Professional or Affiliate Master's Minor Education Field Endorsement Education Subject Endorsement Supplemental Endorsement
Accounting Explore             
Agribusiness Explore             
Agricultural Communication and Leadership Explore             
Agricultural Engineering   Explore           
Applied Human and Sport Physiology Explore             
Applied Science (Agriculture/Biology) Explore             
Architecture (Pre-Architecture)   Explore           
Art (Studio Art) Explore      Explore       
Art Education (K-12) Explore             
Art History       Explore       
Art: Advanced Studio       Explore       
Athletic Administration (MSE) - Fully Online     Explore         
Athletic Training (Pre-Athletic Training)   Explore           
Biology Explore      Explore       
Biology Education (7-12) Explore             
Business Administration Explore      Explore       
Business Administration (MBA) - Fully Online     Explore         
Business and Information Technology Education (MSE) - Fully Online     Explore         
Business Management Explore             
Business Management - Fully Online Bachelor's Explore             
Business, Marketing, and Information Technology Education (6-12) Explore             
Cardiovascular Interventional Technology (Pre-Radiography)   Explore           
Chemistry (Chemical Sciences) Explore      Explore       
Chemistry Education (7-12) Explore             
Chemistry Health Sciences Explore             
Chiropractic (Pre-Chiropractic)   Explore           
Clinical Mental Health Counseling (MSE) - Partially Online     Explore         
Coaching (7-12) Explore      Explore       
Communication Studies Explore             
Computed Tomography / Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Pre-Radiography)   Explore           
Computer Information Systems       Explore       
Computer Science Explore      Explore       
Conservation Biology Explore             
Construction Management Explore      Explore       
Counseling (MSE) - Partially Online     Explore         
Criminal Justice Explore      Explore       
Criminal Justice - Fully Online Explore             
Criminal Justice Administration and Management (MSOM) - Fully Online     Explore         
Curriculum and Instruction (MSE) - Community of Learning Model     Explore         
Curriculum and Instruction - Instructional Leadership (MSE) - Online Options Available     Explore         
Dental Hygiene (Pre-Dental Hygiene)   Explore           
Dentistry (Pre-Dentistry)   Explore           
Diagnostic Medical Sonography (Pre-Radiography)   Explore           
Digital Film Production       Explore       
Drafting and Design Explore      Explore       
Early Childhood and Family Studies Explore             
Early Childhood Education (MSE) - Fully Online     Explore         
Early Childhood Education (PK-3) Explore             
Early Childhood Inclusive Education (Birth - Grade 3) Explore             
Earth Science       Explore       
Economics Explore      Explore       
Editing and Publishing       Explore       
Education (MSE) - Fully or Partially Online     Explore         
Education Specialist (Ed.S.) - Fully Online     Explore         
Electronic Media Explore      Explore       
Elementary Education (K-8) Explore             
Elementary Education (MSE) - Fully Online     Explore         
Emergency Management       Explore       
Engineering (Pre-Engineering)   Explore           
Engineering Technology Explore             
English       Explore       
English as a Second Language Explore             
English Language Arts Education (7-12) Explore             
English Literature Explore             
English Writing Explore             
English Writing and Literature Explore             
Environmental Studies       Explore       
ESL Education (MSE) - Partially Online     Explore         
Exercise Science Explore      Explore       
Family and Consumer Sciences Explore             
Family and Consumer Sciences Education (MSE) - Fully Online     Explore         
Family and Consumer Sciences Occupational Education (6-12) Explore             
Family Life Studies       Explore       
Fashion Merchandising Explore             
Fermentation Science Explore             
Finance Explore             
Foods and Nutrition Explore      Explore       
Forensic Science Explore             
Geography Explore      Explore       
Geography Education (7-12) Explore             
Geospatial Technology       Explore       
Graphic Design Explore      Explore       
Health and Physical Education (PK-12) Explore             
Health Sciences (Life Sciences) Explore             
History Explore      Explore       
History Education (7-12) Explore             
Human Resource Management Explore             
Human Resource Management (MSOM) - Fully Online     Explore         
Human Resource Management - Fully Online Bachelor's Explore             
Human Service Explore             
Industrial Technology Explore             
Industrial Technology Education (MSE) - Fully Online     Explore         
Information Technology Education (PK-12) Explore             
Information Technology Management (MSOM) - Fully Online     Explore         
Injury Science       Explore       
Integrated Technology Support Explore             
Interdisciplinary Studies Explore      Explore       
Interior Design Explore             
International Business Explore             
International Studies       Explore       
Journalism Explore      Explore       
Journalism and Media (7-12) Explore             
Management Information Systems       Explore       
Manufacturing Management Explore      Explore       
Marketing Explore             
Math (Applied) Explore             
Math (Pure) Explore      Explore       
Math Education (6-12) Explore             
Math Education (MSE) - Fully Online     Explore         
Mechanical Engineering   Explore           
Medical Laboratory Science   Explore           
Medicine (Pre-Medicine)   Explore           
Merchandising and Design       Explore       
Middle Level Education (5-9) Explore             
Mortuary Science   Explore           
Music (General Studies) Explore      Explore       
Music Education (MSE) - Partially Online     Explore         
Music Education - Vocal (PK-12) Explore             
Music Education - Vocal and Instrumental (PK-12) Explore             
Music Industry Explore             
Music Performance Explore             
Networking and Cyber Security (Computer Information Systems) Explore             
Nursing (Accelerated)   Explore           
Nursing (Pre-Nursing)   Explore           
Occupational Therapy (Pre-Occupational Therapy)   Explore           
Oceanography (Pre-Oceanography)   Explore           
Office Administration Explore             
Online and Social Media       Explore       
Optometry (Pre-Optometry)   Explore           
Organizational Leadership and Public Relations Explore             
Organizational Management (MSOM) - Fully Online     Explore         
Osteopathic Medicine (Pre-Osteopathic Medicine)   Explore           
Pharmacy (Pre-Pharmacy)   Explore           
Philosophy       Explore       
Physical Education (7-12) Explore             
Physical Education (PK-6) Explore             
Physical Therapy (Pre-Physical Therapy)   Explore           
Physician Assistant (Pre-Physician Assistant)   Explore           
Physics       Explore       
Plant Biology-Ecology and Management   Explore           
Podiatry (Pre-Podiatric Medicine)   Explore           
Political Science Explore      Explore       
Political Science Education (7-12) Explore             
Pre-Law       Explore       
Professional Studies Explore             
Programmer / Analyst (Computer Information Systems) Explore             
Promotion and Media       Explore       
Psychology Explore      Explore       
Psychology Education (7-12) Explore             
Public Accounting Explore             
Public Administration       Explore       
Public Affairs (MSOM) - Fully Online     Explore         
Public and Global Health       Explore       
Public Health (Pre-Public Health)   Explore           
Public Relations Management (MSOM) - Fully Online     Explore         
Radiation Therapy (Pre-Radiography)   Explore           
Radiography (Pre-Radiography)   Explore           
Reading and Writing (7-12) Explore             
Reading and Writing (PK-6) Explore             
Reading Specialist (PK-12) (MSE) - Fully Online     Explore         
Respiratory Therapy   Explore           
Safety Management Explore      Explore       
School Administration (MSE) - Fully Online     Explore         
School Counseling (MSE) - Partially Online     Explore         
Science Education (7-12) Explore             
Science Education (MSE) - Partially Online     Explore         
Secondary English Education (7-12) Explore             
Skilled and Technical Sciences - Skilled Specific Education (9-12) Explore             
Skilled and Technical Sciences Education (6-12) (formerly Industrial Technology Education) Explore             
Social Sciences Explore      Explore       
Social Sciences Education (7-12) Explore             
Social Sciences Education (MSE) - Fully Online     Explore         
Sociology Explore      Explore       
Sociology Education (7-12) Explore             
Spanish Explore      Explore       
Spanish Education (7-12) Explore             
Special Education (MSE) - Fully Online     Explore         
Special Education Generalist (7-12) Explore             
Special Education Generalist (K-12) Explore             
Special Education Generalist (K-6) Explore             
Speech Communication       Explore       
Speech Education (7-12) Explore             
Sport and Recreation Management (MSOM) - Fully Online     Explore         
Sport Management Explore      Explore       
Student Affairs and College Counseling (MSE) - Partially Online     Explore         
Theatre Arts Explore      Explore       
Theatre Education (7-12) Explore             
Travel and Tourism       Explore       
Veterinary Medicine (Pre-Veterinary Medicine)   Explore           
Web and Mobile App Design and Development       Explore       
Web Specialist (Computer Information Systems) Explore             
Work-Based Learning Education (9-12) Explore