Wayne State College

Political Science Minor

Aristotle referred to politics as the “master science,” because he knew that all of society depends upon what happens in the political realm. Understanding government structures and human political behavior is not only fascinating, it’s critical to being a good citizen and effective leader. In fact, many students end up in government occupations, or careers that regularly interact with government organizations. A political science minor is particularly useful if you’re preparing for a career in business, law, social sciences, journalism, education, and public service. In the political science minor, you’ll develop a greater understanding of political institutions and processes, while honing the research and communication skills required for a successful career in a variety of fields.

2023-24 Academic Year

Required Courses: 21 hours

A minor must include a minimum of 12 hours unduplicated by your major(s) and minor(s). Includes 3 hours of the social sciences General Studies requirement.

  • POS 100 American National Government (3)
  • POS 110 Introduction to World Politics (3)
  • POS 315 Seminar in Political Theory (3)
  • *Electives by advisement (12)

*9 of the 12 elective hours must be upper level courses.