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History, Politics & Geography

Our programs create graduates who pursue careers in the military, law, foreign service, market analysis, urban planning, U.S. Geological Survey, among others.

Solid Education

Our students benefit from a solid liberal arts education while preparing for a wide variety of careers. Undergraduates who select our disciplines for study go on to pursue occupations ranging from teaching to public service to government employment. Many of our majors have successfully sought out further education in graduate or professional schools.

Timely Courses

Our faculty offer interesting and timely courses dealing with the understanding of how humans have come to develop the surface of our planet, the history of that development, and the ways in which people govern themselves today. In class, we keep the student/faculty ratios low and our commitment high when it comes to addressing the educational needs of the current generation.


The interdisciplinary nature of our subject matter allows for convenient overlap among topics and opportunities for inquiry by means of different points of view. In addition, our faculty work closely with the School of Education in training teachers and we also collaborate with other departments in team-teaching courses. 

Student Clubs

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