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A Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies Master's Degree

Earn your master's degree in interdisciplinary studies by designing your own graduate program. Master of Arts or Master of Science available.

Master's Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies

Many working professionals seek to acquire additional training in new and emerging specializations in the workplace. The interdisciplinary studies master's degree program works to meet that demand, allowing you to create your own path and direct your studies toward a specific career goal. You'll combine courses from two or more programs to earn the master's degree of your choice. By customizing your studies to meet industry needs, you’ll acquire diverse skills that can be applied to a rapidly changing 21st century.

Admissions Requirements

  • One official set of transcripts from the undergraduate institution conferring the baccalaureate degree must be sent directly to the WSC Admissions Office.
  • Students must present an undergraduate GPA of 2.75 or higher on a 4.00 scale for regular admission.
  • Students may be required to take certain undergraduate courses if their undergraduate preparation is determined to be deficient by the advisor or department chairperson.
  • If the student does not meet all of the above requirements, the student may be provisionally admitted. This process may include, but is not limited to, an interview, letters of recommendation, a standardized test, or a personal statement.

How the Interdisciplinary Studies Master's Program Works

The proposed program of study shall be comprised of at least 30 credit hours and may include a thesis, internship, comprehensive examination, or project as part of those 30 hours. The program must include a minimum of 15 credit hours in a primary area of study, with the remainder of the credits in one or more areas. All courses are eligible for inclusion in a program, but courses will be selected from among the regular rotation of existing courses. Interdisciplinary Studies program proposals will be signed and recommended by an academic advisor and the appropriate School Dean, and approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The signed program will be forwarded to the Records and Registration Office.

Program Fast Facts

Degrees offered: Master of Arts (M.A.) or Master of Science (M.S.) in Interdisciplinary Studies

Costs (2020-21 Tuition):
Nebraska resident: $232.50 per credit hour
Online: $359-380 per credit hour

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Credit hours required:
Degree or certificate: 30 total, with minimum of 15 credit hours in primary area of study

Delivery method: Courses may be face-to-face or online, depending on the program of study you build

Next start dates:

July 12, 2021

5 weeks, summer term
Registration opens Mar. 29, 2021.

Aug. 23, 2021

14 weeks, fall term
Registration opens Mar. 29, 2021.

Jan. 10, 2022

14 weeks, spring term
Registration opens Nov. 8, 2021.

May 16, 2022

3, 8, or 13 weeks summer term
Registration opens Mar. 28, 2022.


June 6, 2022

5 weeks, summer term
Registration opens Mar. 28, 2022.

July 11, 2022

5 weeks, summer term
Registration opens Mar. 28, 2022.


Need more information?

For questions about the program, please contact:

Dr. David Bohnert
Dean of Arts and Humanities
[email protected]
Phone: 402-375-7394

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