Wayne State College

Art History Minor

When people make images, they recreate the world around them as they see it. So when we look at a picture from 20 years ago or 20,000 years ago, we’re seeing the world through other people’s eyes. Art history is the practice of careful looking that helps us reconstruct past mindsets and world views. Through courses in the minor, you’ll develop an understanding of the meaning and purpose of art, including its role in society, its historical development, and cultural significance. You’ll examine various theories and methods in art, and learn to recognize the work of major artists and assess artistic quality. A minor in art history will help you see more in everything: art, illustrations, advertisements, and movies. What will you see?

2023-24 Academic Year

Required Courses: 18 hours

A minor must include a minimum of 12 hours unduplicated by your major(s) and minor(s).

  • ART 224 Art History Survey I (3)
  • ART 225 Art History Survey II (3)

12 hours of upper division Art History courses selected from:

  • ART 302 Ancient Art History (3)
  • ART 303 Renaissance and the Baroque Art History (3)
  • ART 304 American Art History (3)
  • ART 305 Modern Art (3)
  • ART 306 Contemporary Art (3)
  • ART 307 Special Topics in Art History (3)