Wayne State College

Theatre Minor

If you have a love for the spotlight, a minor in theatre from Wayne State can build your foundation and make you a well-rounded performer. Theatre productions at Wayne State give you the opportunity for acting, directing, costume design, special effects, lighting, and more. You can even be a part of the annual children’s play, which brings approximately 4,000 area schoolchildren for several performances. Through courses in the theatre minor, you’ll also develop your critical and creative thinking skills, along with organization and communication skills. A theatre minor can help you build poise and confidence when it comes to careers in leadership and communications. You can also use your talents to become an announcer, on-air personality, or other performance artist. No matter what route you take, you’ll gain skills that are beneficial to any career.

2022-23 Academic Year

Required Courses: 21 hours

A minor must include a minimum of 12 hours unduplicated by your major(s) and minor(s). All theatre minors must take CNA 101 Introduction to Theatre to fulfill the CAT 4 General Studies requirement. In addition, all theatre minors must act in a minimum of two WSC Theatre mainstage production and must assist with build for a minimum of two WSC Theatre mainstage productions. 

  • CNA 223 Acting (3)
  • CNA 232 Stagecraft (3)
  • CNA 318 Play Directing (3)
  • CNA 331 Scene Design (3)
  • CNA 333 American Theatre or CNA 386 Modern World Drama (3)
  • CNA 337 Costumes and Makeup for the Stage (3)
  • CNA 387 Lighting (3)