Wayne State College

School Administration Graduate Program (MSE)

Athletic Administration

The athletic administration focus area is an option that can be added to any of the school administration options (PK-8, 7-12, or PK-12). The program leads to an endorsement for principal but has additional coursework in athletic administration. You are not required to have a focus area as part of your degree program. 

You must have a Nebraska Teaching Certificate and at least two years of successful teaching experience by the time you complete the program to get certified in Nebraska. Nebraska does not have an administrative endorsement for athletic administration. The principal endorsement will qualify you for that position.


Select 12 hours from the following courses by advisement. You will use 6 or 9 hours of electives from school administration courses towards the focus area as well, resulting in 3 to 6 additional hours in the program of study.

  • PED 610 Legal Aspects of Sport (3)
  • PED 612 Advanced Sport Marketing and Promotion (3)
  • PED 631 Seminar in Sport Management: Sport Event Security (3)
  • PED 653 Program Management and the Transition of Sport (3)
  • PED 664 Sport Event and Facility Management (3)
  • PED 685 Social Issues in Sport (3)

How to Apply