Wayne State College

Economics Minor

At its most basic level, economics is the science of resource use. What products and services are being used, how much, and by whom? Through coursework in the minor, you’ll examine micro and macro economic theory and concepts. You’ll study human behavior as it relates to consumption patterns and how goods and services are produced to satisfy material needs. You’ll examine the overall economy and learn how policies can impact trade, labor and the banking industry. Studying economics can also help you identify and analyze problems of society to find practical solutions. As a social science, these problems might include unemployment and inflation, benefits and costs of government regulations, poverty and income distribution, and globalization and international trade. The skills you’ll learn can be applied across a broad range of careers and can serve to help you navigate through the economic challenges within business, government, industry, law, and even family life.

2023-24 Academic Year

Required Courses: 21 hours

A minor must include a minimum of 12 hours unduplicated by your major(s) and minor(s).

  • ECO 202 Principles of Macroeconomics (3)
  • ECO 203 Principles of Microeconomics (3)
  • ECO 305 Economics for Managers (3)
  • ECO 310 Money and Banking (3)
  • SSC 319 Statistics for Social Sciences or BUS 226 Business Statistics (3)
  • Upper level economics electives (6)