Wayne State College

Social Sciences Minor

The social sciences examine collective behavior and shared systems of human groups. Social structures vary widely from place to place and throughout history, forming the foundations of research in a wide variety of academic fields. A minor in social sciences will supplement any major or professional degree by providing interdisciplinary perspectives to help in understanding social organization and interactions among people. Through the social sciences minor, you’ll gain a broad understanding of significant social issues through an interdisciplinary range of study. An advisor will guide you through a diverse selection of courses that will help you build a common intellectual bond connected to your areas of interest.

2023-24 Academic Year

Required Courses: 21 hours

Courses taken to satisfy your major may not be used in the minor.

  • Lower level electives (100-200 level) (with no more than 3 hours from any one area*) (9)
  • Upper level electives (300-400 level) (with no more than 6 hours from any one area*) (12)

*Areas include: Criminal Justice (CJA), Economics (ECO), Geography (GEO), History (HIS), Political Science (POS), Psychology (PSY) (PSY internship hours do not count), Sociology/Anthropology (SOC), and Social Sciences (SSC).