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Early Childhood Education Online Master's Degree

Total Hours: 36

Classes for the early childhood education master's degree program are fully online. If you are pursuing the MSE in curriculum and instruction - instructional leadership with the early childhood education endorsement, you must first have a bachelor’s degree and a completed elementary education and/or special education endorsement.  If you don't have either of these endorsements, you may be required to take additional courses if your preparation is determined to be deficient.


Professional education core: 6 hours

  • EDU 603 Introduction to Graduate Studies and Research (3)
  • EDU 652 Instructional Theory and Practice (3)

Early childhood concentration: 28-30 hours

  • EDU 605 Curriculum and Methods Appropriate for Ages Birth-8 (3)
  • EDU 617 Assessment of Needs for Young Children Birth-8 (3)
  • EDU 632 Clinical for Early Childhood (3)
  • EDU 658 Fundamentals of Curriculum Development PK-16 (3)
  • FCS 520 Infants / Toddlers Through Primary Children Birth-8 (4)
  • FCS 530 Organization / Administration of Early Childhood Programs (3)
  • *FCS 616 Early Childhood Practicum with Applied Research (3-5)
  • **SPD 530 Behavioral Intervention for the Least Restrictive Environment (3) OR advisor-approved substitution
  • **SPD 552 Consultation and Collaboration Practices for Exceptional Learners (3) OR advisor-approved substitution

*Take FCS 616 for 3 hours if pursuing the thesis option MSE; take FCS 616 for 5 hours if pursuing the non-thesis MSE option or endorsement.

**If you have completed SPD 430 and/or SPD 452 at Wayne State, or an equivalent from another institution, you should not enroll in the 500-level courses or their equivalent. You will enroll in courses approved by your advisor to replace SPD 530 and/or SPD 552 or their equivalent.



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