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The interdisciplinary studies program essentially lets you create your own major. If the major you are looking for is not one of our 90+ programs of study, you can combine courses from two or more programs to create your own major. Interdisciplinary activities are designed to help you better understand relationships between various disciplines. You’ll get to choose classes from different departments for a well-rounded education. If choosing this route, you must emphasize a clearly defined area, body of thought, or educational goal.

Interdisciplinary Courses




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Percent of recent WSC graduates employed or in graduate school
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Fast Facts

Degrees offered: B.A., B.S.

Hours required:
General education: 41
To graduate from WSC: 120

You will complete 50 credit hours of interdisciplinary studies with an emphasis in one department and supporting work in at least one other department. The program must include a minimum of 25 credit hours in one area. Half of the hours in the major must be upper level courses. The program should be requested prior to completion of 80 hours. 

School: Business and Technology

Department: Business and Economics

Approval: Your program must be signed and approved by an advisor, department chair, and the Vice President for Academic Affairs in consultation with the chair of the Academic Policies Committee. The signed program will be forwarded to the Records and Registration office. All courses are eligible for inclusion in a program.

"This was truly a huge factor in choosing to come to WSC – knowing that I had people behind me, willing to help and create a major that got me to this point of graduating. My advisor was very helpful throughout my college career of making sure a plan was in place of what classes I should be taking."


Kylie Keller '17

B.S. Child Life Studies (combination of the early childhood and human service counseling majors)


Read Kylie's story

Design Your Own Major

Several students have created their own major at Wayne State. And we've got the resources you need to put together yours.

Interdisciplinary studies - program examples

Program Examples

  • B.S., Child Life Studies
  • B.S., Event Management
  • B.S., Youth Relationships and Development
  • B.S., Educational Studies in Liberal Arts
  • B.S., Construction and Business
  • B.S., Photography Design in Sport
  • B.S., Youth Counseling
  • B.S., Science Communications


Holland Academic Success Center

Academic Success Center

The Holland Academic Success Center guides you in choosing your program of study. Here is where you'll discuss your academic goals with an advisor who can help answer your questions.

Holland Academic Success Center
Library Room 232


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Interdisciplinary studies - other resources

Other Resources

Interested in setting up your interdisciplinary studies program? Start discussing your educational goals with your academic advisor or other faculty in your area of interest. They'll help you come up with a plan to get just what you are seeking.



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