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If you have a passion for knowledge and people, a career in education is a good fit for you. Teach a subject you love to the people you care about.

About the Department

When you choose to pursue a teaching degree from Wayne State, you are following in the footsteps of thousands before you who heeded the same call. At Wayne State College, we build outstanding education professionals for schools in Nebraska and around the world. In fact, 1 in 10 Nebraska teachers has at least one degree from Wayne State.

We provide many avenues for you to gain an edge on other teacher candidates by ensuring you have quality work experience before graduation. Our faculty work with you in a personalized setting, delivering classwork and field experiences that will introduce you to classroom management and curriculum development before you take on your first teaching position. Our partnerships with outstanding educators and programs like NENTA ensure your nervous days will be behind you when you meet your first class. In addition to opportunities to teach before you finish your degree, Wayne State offers study sessions and tutors committed to helping you pass the Praxis teaching exams to earn your teaching certificate.


Education Endorsements

The grade levels and subjects you want to teach are called endorsements, and depending on the type of endorsement, you are required to choose one or more in order to obtain your teaching certificate. When choosing your endorsement(s), you must pick either one field endorsement or two subject endorsements. Supplemental endorsements can be added once you've chosen your one field or two subject endorsements.

Education Fair

For students in the education program to connect with school district representatives who are seeking student teachers and candidates for open positions. The spring fair is scheduled for Jan. 31, 2024. Learn more.

Becoming an Educator

Wayne State prepares students statewide and beyond to be exceptional educators. Learn more about how to become a quality, certified teacher.

“I chose Wayne State because it felt like home and I loved it from the start. I knew it was a great place to become a teacher because the teachers are wonderful themselves. I have been able to build relationships with not only my softball teammates and friends, but also the faculty. I have learned so much from them already, and they are always available to talk or assist you in any way.”


Maddie Moser

Hometown: Central City, Neb.
Major: Elementary Education (K-8), Special Education (K-6)

Nationally Ranked Teaching Degree Programs

Wayne State College is nationally ranked and continually recognized among the best colleges for education majors.

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A "Top 50" School in the U.S.

Most Focused Curriculum & Instruction Master's Degree, 2023

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Best Master's Program in School Administration, 2023

No. 1 in Nebraska, No. 9 in the U.S.

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No. 11 in the U.S.

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No. 4 in the U.S.

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Education Degree Programs

We offer a wide variety of education degree programs and endorsements so that you can teach the subjects you love and inspire future generations. Explore your options here.

Program Name Bachelor's Pre-Professional or Affiliate Master's Minor Education Field Endorsement Education Subject Endorsement Supplemental Endorsement
Art Education (PK-12) Explore             
Biology Education (7-12) Explore             
Business and Information Technology Education - Online Master's Degree Option (MSE)     Explore         
Business, Marketing, and Information Technology Education (6-12) Explore             
Chemistry Education (7-12) Explore             
Coaching (7-12) Explore      Explore       
Curriculum and Instruction - Instructional Leadership - Master's Degree (MSE) Online Options Available     Explore         
Curriculum and Instruction Master's Degree (MSE) - Community of Learning Model     Explore         
Early Childhood Education (PK-3) Explore             
Early Childhood Education - Online Master's Degree Option (MSE)     Explore         
Early Childhood Inclusive Education (Birth - Grade 3) Explore             
Education - Master's Degree (MSE) Fully or Partially Online     Explore         
Education Specialist - Online Ed.S. Degree     Explore         
Elementary Education (K-6) Explore             
Elementary Education - Online Master's Degree Option (MSE)     Explore         
English as a Second Language Explore             
English Education - Master's Degree Option (MSE)     Explore         
English Language Arts Education (6-12) Explore             
ESL Education - Master's Degree Option (MSE) Partially Online     Explore         
Family and Consumer Sciences Education - Online Master's Degree Option (MSE)     Explore         
Family and Consumer Sciences Occupational Education (6-12) Explore             
Geography Education (6-12) Explore             
Health and Physical Education (PK-12) Explore             
History Education (6-12) Explore             
Industrial Technology Education - Online Master's Degree Option (MSE)     Explore         
Information Technology Education (PK-12) Explore             
Interdisciplinary Studies Explore    Explore  Explore       
Journalism and Media (7-12) Explore             
Math Education (6-12) Explore             
Middle Level Education (5-9) Explore             
Music Education - Master's Degree Option (MSE) Partially Online     Explore         
Music Education - Vocal (PK-12) Explore             
Music Education - Vocal and Instrumental (PK-12) Explore             
Physical Education (7-12) Explore             
Physical Education (PK-6) Explore             
Political Science Education (6-12) Explore             
Psychology Education (6-12) Explore             
Reading and Writing (7-12) Explore             
Reading and Writing (PK-6) Explore             
Reading Specialist - Online Master's Degree Option (PK-12) (MSE)     Explore         
School Administration - Online Master's Degree (MSE)     Explore         
Science Education (7-12) Explore             
Secondary English Education (6-12) Explore             
Skilled and Technical Sciences Education (6-12) (formerly Industrial Technology Education) Explore             
Social Sciences Education - Online Master's Degree Option (MSE)     Explore         
Social Studies Education (6-12) Explore             
Sociology Education (6-12) Explore             
Spanish Education (6-12) Explore             
Special Education - Online Master's Degree (MSE)     Explore         
Special Education Generalist (7-12) Explore             
Special Education Generalist (K-12) Explore             
Special Education Generalist (K-6) Explore             
Speech Education (7-12) Explore             
Theatre Education (7-12) Explore             
Work-Based Learning Education (9-12) Explore             

The following programs were accredited by the Council of Accreditation for Educator Preparation (CAEP) in Spring 2017: Art Education; Biology Education; Business, Marketing, and Information Technology Education; Chemistry Education; Coaching; Early Childhood Education; Early Childhood Education Inclusive; Elementary Education; English as a Second Language; English Language Arts Education; Family and Consumer Science Education; Geography Education; Health and Physical Education; History Education; Industrial Technology Education; Information Technology Education; Mathematics Education; Middle Level Education; Music Education; Physical Education; Political Science Education; Psychology Education; Science Education; Secondary English Education; Skilled and Technical Science Education; Social Science Education; Sociology Education; Special Education 7-12; Special Education K-12; Special Education K-6; Speech Education; Theatre Education; Vocal Music Education; Work-Based Learning; World Language Spanish Education

Outside the Classroom

At Wayne State College, you’ll have opportunities to enhance your teaching degree by participating in clubs, organizations, and more.

northeast nebraska teacher education program


The Northeast Nebraska Teacher Academy (NENTA) places education majors as substitute teachers in local community schools. You'll gain in-class experience before you even graduate. This one-of-a-kind program just goes to show how innovative Wayne State continues to be in the field of education and remains one of the best colleges for an education degree.

best colleges for teaching degree opportunities


  • Service-Learning - Make a difference in the community while learning skills you can apply toward your future career. Wayne State’s Service-Learning program has received national awards in recognition of outstanding community service, with more than 400 students participating in Service-Learning projects each semester. 
  • Study Abroad - Earn credit toward your degree while experiencing exciting global adventures overseas.
student teaching for education degree


Before graduating with your teaching degree, you will complete a semester of clinical practice in a school district chosen with the help of your advisor. During this semester, you will work closely with an experienced teacher to gain classroom experience. Internships are not required; however, Career Services is available to help students find employment opportunities. The Field Experience and Certification Office will also help you find teaching opportunities and gain certification.


Education Scholarships

In addition to having the region’s most affordable tuition, we offer thousands of dollars in scholarships every year. Learn more about scholarships for education students.

Learn From the Best

Our faculty are accomplished. Several are highly regarded as experts and have been recognized with notable honors and awards. And with a low student-to-faculty ratio, you'll be sure to receive an excellent education while earning your teaching degree.

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