Wayne State College

Outcomes and Impact Measures of Completers of Education Programs

Impact on P-12 Learning (Initial)

Data were gathered related to employer satisfaction of first-year teachers in Nebraska through the Nebraska Department of Education (NDE) survey sent to principals. In the 2020-21 through 2022-23 Nebraska First Year Teacher Surveys, principals responded overwhelmingly that teachers who graduated from Wayne State College consistently had a positive impact on P-12 student learning and development, and that Wayne State College graduates compared very favorably with graduates from all other teacher-preparation programs across the state:

Academic Year WSC Graduates Nebraska Statewide Average
  Number Average Rating Number Average Rating
2020-21 48 2.1 422 3.4
2021-22 37 2.4 399 3.4
2022-23 58 2.3 472 2.2

Ratings based on a four-point scale: 1 = Ineffective, 2 = Somewhat Effective, 3 = Moderately Effective, 4 = Highly Effective