Wayne State College

Michael Sieh

Dr. Michael Sieh is an assistant professor of education at Wayne State College. Prior to coming to Wayne State College, he served for 19 years as superintendent for the Stanton Community Schools in Stanton, Neb. Previously, Sieh was a school principal for the Spencer-Naper Public School in Spencer, Neb., and the Clearwater Public School in Clearwater, Neb.

Sieh had served as chairman of Nebraska State Accreditation Committee and was the chairman for the Nebraska Council of School Administrators, the President of the Nebraska Association of School Administrators, and an Executive Board Director for the Nebraska Rural Community School Association.

In 2018, Sieh was the recipient of the AdvancED Distinction of Quality Award for Nebraska and the C. Kelley Baker/James B. Gessford Law in Education Award. Sieh also completed the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement Specialist Program; served as the external team leader for Bayard, Cross County, Fort Calhoun, Fullerton, Humphrey, Laurel-Concord, Ord and Wakefield Schools; served as an external school improvement team member for Bennington, Tekamah-Herman and Pierce Schools; and facilitated the school improvement process for his past school districts.

Sieh authored the Dissertation "Examining the Relationships Between Nebraska Superintendents’ Perceptions of Their Involvement with School Improvement and Factors that may Affect Their Involvement."


Educational Doctoral Degree in Administration, 2009, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Educational Specialist Degree in Administration, 1998, Wayne State College

Master's in Secondary Administration, 1993, Wayne State College

Bachelor of Science in Education (Math/Computer Science), 1988, Wayne State College