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School of Education and Behavioral Sciences

If you are called to a career in teaching or behavioral sciences, you'll enjoy unique opportunities to positively and powerfully influence the lives of others and the communities you serve.

Fundamentals for Success

Student Experience

Student Experience

We build outstanding education professionals for schools in Nebraska and around the world. Our faculty work with you in a personalized setting to ensure you are ready to take over your first classroom, confident with the knowledge that you are the master of your subject area and pedagogy.



Our campus facilities provide hands-on experience with the latest classroom technology, offering education students firsthand knowledge of educational settings and access to cutting-edge technology tailored to their needs. Additionally, counseling students gain exposure to clinical settings and the advanced technology available for their specific field.

Involvement Opportunities


You can benefit from a counseling accreditation that streamlines licensing requirements for mental health counselors and opens doors to working for federal government programs. If you’re on the education track, you can sharpen your skills in the classroom with many teaching practice opportunities, such as Northeast Nebraska Teaching Academy (NENTA), our one-of-a-kind substitute teacher program.



We provide many avenues for you to gain an edge on other teacher and counselor candidates by ensuring you have quality work experience before graduation. Many of our students have jobs lined up before they even walk across the stage to get their diploma.

Nicole Babutzke

“I chose Wayne State College because of the affordable price, the close proximity to home, and because I knew I wanted to pursue a degree in education. I am involved in the Professional Development School program, which allows Wayne State students to co-teach at schools in Norfolk and Wakefield. The program is tough but rewarding because I am able to learn in a hands-on environment. PDS has really helped boost my confidence in my major, and it has provided me with opportunities that I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else, prior to student teaching. Programs such as PDS really help me get out in the field before I even go to student teaching – which is super beneficial to me.”


Nicole Babutzke '18

Hometown: O'Neill, Neb.
B.S. Elementary Education

Graduate Programs

We offer several options for graduate degrees in education and counseling, including an Education Specialist degree (Ed.S) and a Master of Science in Education degree (MSE). With an MSE, you can choose from several concentrations, including counseling, curriculum and instruction - instructional leadership, school administration, and special education. And no matter what you choose, with our Community Learning program, you get to surround yourself with a group that has the same goals and passions as you.


K-12 students taught by Wayne State graduates score as high, if not higher, on their Nebraska State Accountability (NESA) assessments than the state average in reading, mathematics, and science. Check out every measure of our graduates' success on the Outcomes and Impact Measures of Completers of Education Programs page.

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