Wayne State College

Psychology Minor

People think, act, and feel—at home, work, and elsewhere. Developing a better understanding of mental and behavioral processes through a minor in psychology is a smart choice personally and professionally. A psychology minor complements many majors and assists in preparing students for a variety of careers, including business, counseling, criminal justice, law, health, and public and social services. Studying psychology will help you develop valued skills and competencies that employers seek, such as critical and analytical thinking; oral, written, and interpersonal communication; and cultural competency. Choosing a minor is not a minor decision. Make your choice count by choosing psychology.

2023-24 Academic Year

Required Courses: 21 hours

A minor must include a minimum of 12 hours unduplicated by your major(s) and minor(s).

  • PSY 101 General Psychology (3)
  • *Psychology electives (may include SSC 319 Statistics for social sciences) (18)

*A minimum of 12 of the 18 hours must be upper level (300-400) courses. No more than 3 credit hours will be accepted from internship credits.