Wayne State College

Special Education (MSE) Programs of Study

Special Education Generalist Certification

The generalist certification pathway is for students who hold a current teaching certification in an area other than special education and want to add a special education subject endorsement at the K-6 and 7-12 level; or for students who hold a current teaching certification in special education (K-6 or 7-12) and want to add the other subject endorsement level. Total credit hours vary based on current level of certification and level of special education subject endorsement desired.

Total credit hours: 42-48


Professional Education Core Courses: 12 hours

  • EDU 603 Introduction to Educational Research and Design (3)
  • EDU 626 Advanced Educational Psychology (3)
  • EDU 627 Current Issues and Trends in Education (3)
  • EDU 658 Fundamentals of Curriculum Development PK-16 (3)

Special Education Courses: 24 hours

  • SPD 520 Best Practices in Special Education Methods (3)
  • SPD 522 Teaching Exceptional Learners in Inclusive Classrooms (3)
  • SPD 545 Assessment Guiding IEP Development (3)
  • SPD 565 Differentiated Methodology (3)
  • SPD 611 Organization and Administration of Special Education (3)
  • SPD 630 History and Characteristics of Exceptionalities (3)
  • SPD 636 Social/Emotional Behavior (3)
  • SPD 652 Collaboration and Co-Teaching in the Field (3)

Special Education Electives: 6-12 hours

Choose one of the following field experience areas:

Practicum Experience: 6 hours
Note: Practicum Experience allows students to seek endorsement at the same level as their current teaching certification.

  • SPD 540 Program Design in Special Education (3)
  • SPD 561 Practicum in Special Education (3)

Clinical Practice Experience: 6-12 hours
Note: Clinical Practice Experience allows students to seek endorsement at a different level than their current teaching certification. If currently certified PK-3 then you must complete SPD 658 for K-6 subject endorsement and/or SPD 660 for 7-12 subject endorsement.

  • EDU 545 Preparing for Level 3: Clinical Practice (0)
  • SPD 658 Clinical Practice for Special Education K-6 (6)
  • 660 Clinical Practice for Special Education 7-12 (6)