Wayne State College

Pre-Nursing Program of Study

Every effort is made to ensure this information is current, but please be aware that some content may have changed. There is no substitute for developing a careful course registration plan in consultation with your advisor. The class sequence listed is suggested only. The final decision rests with the student and academic advisor.

A current Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certificate is required when applying to nursing school.

Admission to UNMC is competitive. RHOP students must maintain a 3.3 cumulative GPA and a C+ in all prerequisite courses each semester to remain in good standing in the program. A grade below C+ in any course is not acceptable to the UNMC College of Nursing. For further information about transferability of courses not included in this listing or course requirements, contact the Student Services Coordinator at UNMC College of Nursing at 402-844-7890.

2022-23 Academic Year

Freshman - 1st semester
BIO 110 Biology Concepts (4)
CHE 106 Chemistry I (4)
ENG 102 Composition Skills (3)
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology (3)

Freshman - 2nd semester
*BIO 220 Human Anatomy (4)
ENG 200 Expository Writing (3)
FCS 207 Nutrition OR FCS 317 Nutrition Through the Life Cycle (3)
MAT 121 College Algebra (3) (Math ACT score of 21 or higher, or appropriate placement, is required for admittance into this course)
PSY 101 General Psychology (3)

Sophomore - 1st semester
*BIO 340 Human Physiology/BIO elective (4)
MAT 180 Applied Probability and Statistics OR SSC 319 Stats for the Social Sciences (3)
PSY 230 Lifespan Development (3)
Humanities elective (3)
Culture, race, ethnicity, and gender elective (3)

Sophomore - 2nd semester
BIO 385 Microbiology (4)
PHI 105 Ethics and Values (3)
Family and human behavior elective (3)
Political science and social organizations elective (3)

*BIO 220 Human Anatomy and BIO 340 Human Physiology are often offered during the summer as well. Students taking Human Anatomy and/or Human Physiology in the summer are advised to take biology electives during the fall and spring of the program’s second year. Visit with your advisor concerning these courses before registration.

Humanities electives include all ART, all CNA (Communication Arts), all ENG (English), all MUS (Music), all PHI (Philosophy), and SOC 110 courses. Honors sections accepted.

Culture, race, ethnicity, and gender electives include ART 440; EDU 217; GEO 300; HIS 120, 170, 171, and 465; HSC 296; MLC 110; PGH 200; all languages (FRE, GER, SPA); and SOC 110, 345, 350, 445, and 465. Honors sections accepted.

Family and human behavior electives include CNA 201 and 210; all CSL (Counseling); CJA 405; EDU 217; FCS 110, 220, and 230; all PSY (Psychology); and SOC 220, 305, 355, and 415. Honors sections accepted.

Political science and social organizations electives include all ECO (Economics); all GEO (Geography); all POS (Political Science); and SOC 110, 320, 420, and 460. Honors sections accepted.