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CLEP Testing

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) provides students the option of earning college credit without enrolling in college courses. You can take one or more examinations which measure knowledge of subject areas taught in many colleges as freshman or sophomore level courses. CLEP provides an opportunity to save both time and money in earning a college education. It helps you demonstrate the knowledge you have acquired and provides Wayne State College with the information needed to recognize and reward that knowledge.

Each examination is prepared by a nationally selected group of scholars in the particular academic area. Wayne State College has set the examination scores required for credit at a level which corresponds to a grade of "C" based on recommendations of the American Council on Education (ACE).

CLEP Testing Procedures

  1. Go to clep.collegeboard.org.
  2. Register for the exam you wish to take.
  3. Email the Holland Academic Success Center at [email protected] to notify them you have registered to take a CLEP exam.
  4. Someone will contact you to follow up and set a date that works.

Am I eligible for CLEP examination credit?

To receive college credit at Wayne State College you must either be currently enrolled or have completed admission requirements. The program is particularly beneficial for the following students:

  • High school students who have demonstrated average or better preparation for college at the time of admission. CLEP studies have shown a high correlation between high school GPA, ACT scores and performance on the individual examinations.
  • Freshman or sophomore level Wayne State College students who want to by-pass classes which are required for graduation but unrelated to their major field of study.
  • Adult students who have sharpened their knowledge of particular areas through general self-study, on-the-job training, or in other ways.
  • Transfer students who have completed course work at another college but find that it is not transferable to Wayne State College.

Is it possible to study for CLEP exams?

Yes. Individuals who have taken CLEP examinations (particularly the subject exams) usually find that related introductory textbooks give a good overview of the area to be tested. Online resources are also available. The WSC library has CLEP study guides available for check out at the circulation desk. You can also check for online resources.

How will credit for CLEP affect my grade point average?

Credit given through CLEP is entered on your academic record without grades and is not used in determining your grade point average. If you fail a CLEP examination, there is no official record made. You may also retake an examination after a three-month waiting period. A fee is charged for each attempt. If you have previously taken a class at WSC and received a low or failing grade, passing the CLEP test for that class will not change your GPA. Contact the Assistant Registrar at 402-375-7240 for further details.

How many college credit hours may I apply towards degree requirements?

Wayne State College places no limit on the maximum number of credit hours earned through CLEP which are taken before the senior year. No more than 6 CLEP credit hours of the student's last 30 semester hours before graduation will be recognized for credit. The college will not award credit for CLEP examinations which do not appear on the list printed in this brochure. Finally, CLEP credit will not be awarded if a student has already received credit for equivalent or more advanced coursework at Wayne State College.

Only credit will be awarded for these approved examinations

How does CLEP credit work if I transfer to (or from) another college?

Every institution that participates in CLEP establishes its own policy concerning which examinations are officially recognized and the minimum scores necessary before credit is granted. If you know that you will be transferring to another college in the future, you should check with the registrar of that institution for their CLEP policy. Wayne State College will accept CLEP credit earned while at another institution provided the examinations are recognized for credit and the required minimum scores were achieved. Credit for CLEP cannot be accepted from another institution's transcript. Students wishing to transfer credit to WSC should request an official transcript be sent from the testing service to WSC.

I already have several semester hours toward graduation. May I still take CLEP examinations?

Yes. Credit earned through CLEP fulfills the requirements for specific classes offered at Wayne State College. You may attempt to "CLEP out" of required general education, or elective requirements if the CLEP examination(s) in question substitutes for course work which you have not already taken. If you are in this situation, it is a good idea to check with the assistant registrar to determine your eligibility for particular CLEP examinations. Faculty members also usually discourage using CLEP to bypass major course requirements.

The WSC Conn Library circulation desk has a "CLEP Official Study Guide," which describes each examination followed by sample questions. The study guide can usually help you decide if you have enough knowledge about particular academic areas to attempt the related CLEP examinations. The study guide may be borrowed on an overnight basis or purchased through the campus bookstore, or online at clep.collegeboard.org/

CLEP credits will not remove an "F" from the grade point average calculation in the comparable WSC class, but it will meet the course requirement. 

CLEP examinations are usually given at WSC during the school year. Examination dates and times should be confirmed in advance. Most examinations take about 90 minutes. While there are examination fees for the CLEP test, Wayne State College does not charge tuition fees for credit hours earned through CLEP. Examinations are administered by computer and scored instantly. A few exams require a lab or essay be completed.

For more information, to register for CLEP, or to find out about current fees, costs, and scores of the examinations and study guide, please contact Holland Academic Success Center.