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PaperCut is WSC’s campus-wide printing system. PaperCut facilitates streamlined printing on campus and accommodates printing from personal devices, including Macs, iPads, iPhones, Windows devices, and Android devices. Papercut is based on a pay-to-print model, but NATS has allocated a substantial "pre-paid" printing budget to every student based on actual cost to produce a print.

To print on campus with a campus computer there is nothing to install. PaperCut software is available automatically when you login. However, there is a one-time setup for each personal device you want to print from.

     1. After PaperCut has been installed on your device and you are ready to send a print job, select a printer: either a FollowMe queue, enabling the option to print at several different locations; or a specific printer with Direct Print (where available).\

     2. Next, select which account you want to print from. Every office computer will have a direct print queue to all copiers and printers in the same building.

Note: Keep in mind that print jobs sent by Faculty/Staff are billed to budget codes by user now, not by device, so if someone else prints to a device in your area, you aren’t paying for that print job.

Note: Students will have a personal account with a Papercut pre-paid semester balance (still $50/semester) in it.

     3. The cost of each print job will be subtracted from that balance.

Note: Faculty/Staff also enrolled as students will have their pre-paid budget assigned to their Faculty/Staff account.

Note: If you’re a student working for an office on campus and they’ve enabled using your Cat Card for office work, you may also be able to print to a shared account when printing for your job. 

     4. Last, you will go to the printer/copier and either release your print job to be printed if you selected a FollowMe queue or pick up your print job if you used Direct Print.


For more information on how to install the PaperCut software, click on the first help sheet link below and select your device type. To learn how to send a print job from your device to a printer/FollowMe queue, click on the second help sheet link below and select your device type. To learn how to release your print job from a FollowMe queue to be printed, click on the third help sheet link below.


Commonly Used Printers:

HP_BW_FollowMe print jobs can be printed at:

Any Residence Hall Lobby
Computer Labs: Benthack 140, Connell 127, Connell 129, Gardner 211, Gardner 215, and Rice 001

Sharp_BW_FollowMe print jobs can be printed at:

US Conn Library
Kanter Student Center
Various Academic Buildings

Sharp_Color_FollowMe print jobs can be printed at:

US Conn Library
Kanter Student Center

HP_Color_FollowMe print jobs can be printed at:

Computer Lab: Connell 127