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Order Waste Toner Cartridge

Waste toner cartridges are containers to collect unused toner during the print process. When these cartridges are full, the copier or printer will stop functioning until replaced.  A replacement waste toner cartridge is available for all devices that use this part. Not all copiers and printers have a waste toner cartridge.

    • Replacement waste toner cartridges should be ordered immediately after the replacement is installed.

    • After removing the cartridge, label the full cartridge as "used";  it will be picked up when the new replacement is delivered.

    • Delivery of the replacement cartridge can take 3 - 10 days. The vendor ships parts on Wednesdays, WSC receives parts on Thursdays, then parts are usually delivered to campus offices by end of day on Fridays.

    • Installation instructions are located inside the front cover on the device.


How to Order a Waste Toner Cartridge

1. Log into MyWSC

2. Click Show More Applications

3. Select ServiceNow tile (has the Campus Service Center graphic)

4. Search for Cartridge or Waste in the How Can We Help

5. Select the Order Waste Toner Cartridge option from the search results

6. Fill out and submit the form.

Note: click the ? icons on the form for additional instruction about the information needed.

Last Updated: 8/17/21