Wayne State College

Connecting to Campus Cable

To access the campus cable system, your TV will need to have a QAM digital tuner pre-installed. TV's manufactured after 2006 typically fulfill this requirement, however newer Vizio and other brands are opting to not put the tuner in to allow the TV to be thinner and more affordable. Big-screen products marketed by Vizio or others will be marketed as “Displays” not TVs if they do not have that tuner. You can double check if the TV has a digital tuner by looking at tech-specs when shopping in stores or online. Here are common brands that are known to not have a QAM tuner: Vizio, Element, WestingHouse, Emerson, and Sansui. Please check the owner’s manual for exact details.

If your TV does not have a digital QAM tuner installed, you can purchase a third-party QAM tuner to allow your TV to receive campus cable channels through HDMI.

To receive campus cable channels, you will need to run a channel scan (sometimes called auto program) on your TV so the TV can accurately search the new signal and find the necessary channels.

If you're interested in what channels are available, you can view the campus cable channel lineup right here.

If, after a couple of attempts, you are not able to receive cable, please contact the Campus Service Center at 402-375-7107 or servicecenter@wsc.edu. Please keep in mind that if the issue is TV related and not with your cable outlet that staff cannot repair or assist you with your personal equipment.