Wayne State College


Wayne State College's Office 365 service includes access to OneDrive, a cloud based solution for storing and sharing files. Use OneDrive to store your work files across multiple devices with ease and security. Share your files with colleagues as needed, and edit Office documents together in real time with Office Online, the browser based versions of your favorite Microsoft Office applications. OneDrive can be accessed through myWSC in the Top Applications section.

OneDrive is meant to supplant the campus J:Drive storage, as it allows for users to access personal work files from anywhere using the OneDrive desktop, mobile, and web apps. It also gives users the peace-of-mind knowing that any files put in the OneDrive folder on their work machines, or uploaded via the various apps, is backed up and even if the worst were to happen with their computer or the campus network, their files would be safe and still accessable online.


Move files from J:Drive to OneDrive on Windows