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Cat Card FAQs


Where do I pick up my ID card?

You can pick up your card at the Service Center in the library (located on first floor) during normal library hours.
Be sure to bring a valid form of ID with you.


What does the Cat Card work with?

• Meal plan access at dining locations
• Checking out at the library
• The PaperCut enabled printer stations on campus
• Door access for residence halls and select academic buildings 
• Rec Center access
• Phone charging kiosks


Will my residence hall room door lock be electronic?

• Not at this time. WSC may, at some point, move in that direction, but the goal of this phase of the project is to enhance building security without incurring substantial costs to students.


Can I punch a hole through the card to attach it to my keys?

• No. The Cat Card has a chip and antenna imbedded inside the card. A punched hole may damage these and render the card ineffective. 


When does this card become active?

• It takes roughly 30 minutes from the time a new Cat Card is printed to inform all of the systems which use the Cat Card.


Can I have a new photo taken?

• Please stop by the Service Center in the Library to have your photo refreshed and a new Cat Card printed. You’ll need to bring your old Cat Card with you.


Why does it take two seconds?

• Smart cards do a security handshake with the readers to encrypt your data as it is passed from the card to the reader. This does take a moment to do, but it is an essential part of keeping the system secure.


What do I do if my Cat Card is lost, stolen, or damaged?

• If your card is damaged, stop by the Service Center in the Library to obtain a new card. Damaged or worn cards will be replaced without a fee, but you must bring your card with you. If damage to the card is intentional (i.e. you punched a hole in it and it no longer works), there will be a fee.

• Call Campus Security at 402-375-7216 and ask them to temporarily disable your card. Temporarily disabling your card prevents anyone else from using it. If you find your card again, call them back to re-enable your card. If you don't find your card, stop by the Service Desk in the Library to obtain a new card. There will be a fee for printing a replacement card. 


What do I do if my Cat Card isn’t working?

• Contact the Campus Service Center at 402-375-7107 or stop by and visit us in the Library and bring your Cat Card with you. 


What if I’m an online student or I’m away student teaching – how do I get my Cat Card?

• If you’ve been on campus and had your photo taken already, simply send an e-mail to servicecenter@wsc.edu from your WSC student e-mail address and provide a postal address to mail your card to. The address must be one of your addresses on file in WildcatsOnline.

• If you’ve not been on campus and had your photo taken, we’re working on a procedure to allow you to submit your photo and proof of identification online. Check back here for updates. The requirements for your photo are:

• Current color photo of yourself.

• White or blue smooth background - no other people or objects in photograph. 

• Well-lit with no shadows Front view - full face filling at least 80% of frame.  

• Cropped from just above the top of head to collarbone.

• Eyes open and visible, no glare on eyeglasses. 

• No hats, caps or sunglasses.


What if I'm a new student - how do I get my Cat Card?

• New students will have their photo taken for their ID during a New Student Registration date in the summer. IDs will be printed and distributed to students later in the day of New Student Registration.

• If you did not attend a New Student Registration date, you may have your photo taken during New Student Orientation. Your ID will be printed and distributed at that time. 


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