Wayne State College

Get Connected (Internet)

WSC uses a campus-wide wireless architecture that functions in all campus buildings and many outdoor areas. WSC broadcasts three networks with varying authentication methods.
WSC-Secure - This network uses WPA2-Enterprise as an authentication method. You simply enter your WSC username and password to get connected. Typical devices that support WPA2-Enterprise and will connect to WSC-Secure are phones, computers and tablets.

WSC-Guest - This network functions like a hotel wireless network. Select WSC-Guest from the list of available connections and follow the steps listed here. This network is also used for device registration. For information about device registration please see below.
eduroam - This network is a global wireless network access service for research and education. If you travel to another institution that is broadcasting the eduroam network you can simply connect with your WSC email address and password to get connected to the internet.

WSCVPN - The virtual private network (VPN) extends the WSC network across the internet and enables users to send and receive data as if their computing devices were directly connected to the WSC network. Follow the steps listed here to get connected

Device Registration

Devices that do not support WPA2-Enterprise authentication need to be registered and connected to the WSC-Guest network. Typical devices that require registration are set-top boxes, smart TVs, game consoles, Ethernet-connected computers, and Blu-Ray players. 
 Please follow these steps to register devices and connect:

1. Locate the MAC/physical/wireless address of the device to be registered.

2. Login to myWSC and Navigate to Device Registration under All Applications to register your device.

3. Connect to the WSC-Guest network.
Note: Information on how to manage registered devices can be found here.