Wayne State College

Get Connected to Guest WiFi

WSC uses a campus-wide wireless architecture that functions in all campus buildings and many outdoor areas. WSC broadcasts three networks with varying authentication methods. There are two options for guests.


WSC-Guest - This network functions like a hotel wireless network. Select WSC-Guest from the list of available connections and follow the steps listed below to connect to the network.
eduroam - This network is a global wireless network access service for research and education. If your institution uses the eduroam network you can simply connect with your institution's email address and password to get connected to the internet.


To connect to Wifi using WSC-Guest

1. Select WSC-Guest from the list of available connections.

2. If not immediately prompted by a WSC login after connecting, open a web browser and most devices will automatically bring up the log in portal.

3. Enter your information:

   a. Name

   b. Phone Number

   c. Email address

4. Read through and accept the terms of service.

5. Click Register.

6. A new page will load and provide you with a username and password.

7. Click Login.

You should now be connected to WSC-Guest.


Please contact the Campus Service Center at 402-375-7107 or visit us in the library if you are still having problems connecting.


Last Updated: 9/11/2019