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Device Registration

In order to access the internet some devices require registration. Each student is allowed two registered devices. Devices that require registration are: game consoles, desktops, TVs, Blu Ray players, and printers.
1. Make sure the device you are registering is turned off.
2. The Device Registration Page works best with Mozilla Firefox. Login at eCampus (https://ecampus.wsc.edu) with your usual network username and password, then mouse-over to Online Resources and click Device Registration.​​Device registration create
3. Next, click on Create Device listed in the left-hand menu.
4. Then, fill in the required fields:
    a. Name your Device
        i. Example: xbox_360
    b. Choose the Device Type from the drop-down menu.
    c. Enter the MAC or Physical Address (See tutorials on How to Find the MAC Address for further information.)
        i. Example: 00:1A:2B:3C:4D:5E (It does not matter how you enter the letters. Lower and Upper Case letters work.)
    d. Check the box next to Enable Airgroup to use an Apple TV or Wireless Printer.
        i. Select the type of owership either Personal or Shared.  Personal ownership only allows you to use the device. A Shared ownership allows multiple people to use the device and there is no owner of the device. 
    e. OR leave the box unchecked for all other devices.
5. Last, click Register Device. (It may take about 15-20 seconds before the confirmation page appears.) To see your active devices click on List Devices in the left-hand menu. To manage your devices please see the Registered Device Management tutorial.
The device is now connected to the Internet. If the device is not connected see the Connecting Device to Wireless Access Point tutorials. Please contact the Helpdesk, at (402)375-7107, if you are still having problems registering these devices.

Last Updated: 3/8/16