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PaperCut – iPhone and iPad


Installing Printing Programs

To install the Printing app you must use Safari and be connected to the WSC-Secure wireless network to download the program. The Printing app cannot be downloaded from an off campus wireless connection and is not available to be downloaded from the App Store.

1. Download the Printing application by clicking this link.

2. A drop-down menu will appear and select Open.

3. A new window will appear called Install Profile click on the gray Install button, then click on Install Now and select Done at the top right-hand corner.

4. A green Printing app will appear on the Home screen. Click on the app to install and open it. Then, login with your WSC Network Username and Password.

Note: It can take several seconds before the program opens.

5. An app will open with your account balance.


Sending a Print Job

1. Make sure the program Printing is open. If Printing is not open, tap the Printing icon on the Home Screen.

2. Log into the app with your WSC username and password.

3. Go to the item you want to print, tap the square with an up arrow icon, and tap the print button. Tap the Select Printer line to select which queue you want to print to. When you send a print job from your personal device, you will have four FollowMe queues to choose from.

Note: Sharp black and white printers are available in the US Conn Library and Sharp color printers are available in the US Conn Library and the Kanter Student Center. You can print in black and white using a Sharp BW printer.

Note: You may be prompted to login to the PCClient if you have not used PaperCut to print in over 5 minutes.

4. Tap Print and press the Home button to go back to the Home screen. Tap the Printing app. Wait a few seconds and a PaperCut window will appear where you select with account you want to print to. A Personal Account is for student printing and a Shared Account is for faculty/Staff printing. Tap the Print button to send the print job. Last, close the alert window.

5.To finish printing, go to the printer/copier connected to FollowMe queue you selected to release your item for printing.


How to Release a Print Job


Please contact the Campus Service Center at 402-375-7107 or visit us in the library for further assistance.


Last Updated: 11/25/2019