Wayne State College

Scan to OneDrive using PaperCut

How to scan a paper document into your OneDrive.

1. Log into the Sharp printer and select your printing account.

2. Select OneDrive Connector.

Papercut onedrive connector app

Note: Steps 3 - 5 will be a one-time setup. 

3. Type your WSC email address into the Microsoft Sign in box and select Next.

Papercut onedrive connector microsoft login

4. Sign in with your WSC username and password. Then click Login

Papercut onedrive connector WSC login

5. Read the Microsoft agreement and select Accept

Papercut onedrive connector microsoft agreement

6. Click the Scan a document button. 

Papercut onedrive connector scan a document button

7. Insert your paper to be scanned and select your copy settings. Select Preview to view your scan or click Start to scan your paper. 

Note: Select the Stored To text box to change where the file is saved. 

Note: Select the File Name text box to change the file name. 

Papercut onedrive connector scan to onedrive settings

8. Logout when finished. 

Last Updated: 6/2/21