Wayne State College

PaperCut - Web Print

First, go to the WSC home page, click on myWSC at the top, and log in. Then click on PaperCut from the applications list.

Sending a Print Job 

1. Once logged in, you can print using PaperCut online click Web Print from the menu on the left and select Submit a job.

Web print

2. Select the FollowMe queue you want your item sent to: HP_BW_FollowMe, Sharp_BW_FollowMe, the Sharp_Color_FollowMe or the HP_Color_FollowMe queue.

Web print 2

Note: Sharp black and white printers are available in the US Conn Library and Sharp color printers are available in the US Conn Library and the Kanter Student Center. You can print in black and white using a Sharp BW printer.

3. Click the button: 2. Print Options and Account Selection.

4. Type in the number of copies you want and select which account you want to charge your print job to. Select the Personal account to charge to your student account or select a Shared account to charge your print job to a Faculty/Staff account.

Web print 3

5. Click the button: 3. Upload Documents.

6. Either drag and drop a file in the box or click Upload from Computer and browse for your file. Then, click Upload & Complete.

Web print 4

7. To finish printing, go to the printer/copier connected to FollowMe queue you selected to release your item for printing.

Web print 5

Note: Once your print job has been sent to a FollowMe queue, you have 36 hours to finish printing your item at a Release Station.


How to Release a Print Job


Please contact the Campus Service Center at 402-375-7107 or visit us in the library for further assistance.


Last Updated: 11/25/2019