Wayne State College

Prospective Student Athletes

NCAA Eligibility

If you are a high school junior or senior and looking to compete in athletics at Wayne State College, please be sure to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center to make sure you stay on track and to meet initial eligibility standards. The NCAA Eligibility Center determines initial eligibility for every student-athlete at every NCAA DI and DII school. You should work with your guidance counselor to make sure you meet the core course requirements for playing NCAA DII sports and have your official transcripts sent to the Eligibility Center. You will also need to have your ACT or SAT scores sent directly from the testing center to the Eligibility Center. When you register for the test, use code 9999 to have your score sent directly to the Eligibility Center.  Learn more about NCAA guidlines for playing NCAA DII sports.


If you are a student-athlete enrolled at another four-year institution, or if you have been enrolled at another four-year institution in the last year (Division I, II, III), the NCAA rules strictly prohibit us from having any communication with you until that institution grants Wayne State College permission to contact you. We cannot move through the recruiting process until permission is received. Similar to high school student-athletes, two year and four year transfers must also register with the NCAA Eligibility Center (no need to register a second time if you’ve already done so for your previous institution).  We also request that you have your transcripts sent to Admissions at Wayne State College so we can determine transferability of credits towards a degree. Learn more about NCAA guidelines for transfer students.

Recruiting Periods

NCAA coaches are limited in when and how they are allowed to recruit prospective student-athletes. A prospect may contact a coach any time, but coaches may only respond when the rules allow them to do so. Each sport is subject to a recruiting calendar. The recruiting calendars dictate when, how, and whom the coaches may recruit.

Recruiting Materials

Recruiting materials are similar to recruiting periods in that certain items are not allowed to be shared before a prospect's junior year in high school. Prospects may always receive camp information, questionnaires, and non-athletic institutional publications. Freshmen and sophomores in high school are also permitted to contact the Admissions Office for information regarding the academic programs at Wayne State College.  


Coaches offer select prospective student-athletes scholarships to participate in their sport. The signing period for the National Letter of Intent (NLI) begins the second Wednesday of each year for all sports except football. The signing period for football begins the first Wednesday in February. If you are interested in being considered for a scholarship, contact our coach 1-2 years prior to your final year in high school.