Wayne State College

Title IX Provides Support

If you believe you have encountered a situation where you have been a victim or observed someone being a victim of gender-based discrimination, sex harassment, relationship or sexual violence, there are various supports in place you can pursue.

If you want to talk to someone confidentially:

Contact the Wayne State College Counseling Center at 402-375-7321. Wayne State College Counselors provide students free, confidential services and work hard to support you on your academic and personal journey. The office creates a safe environment for students to freely express their concerns and/or issues. Please note that talking to a counselor, nurse, or licensed athletic trainer does NOT constitute filing a complaint or giving notice to the College on any Title IX related issue.

Get in touch with law enforcement about a possible crime:

If you believe a Title IX related concern may be a crime and wish to talk to the police directly, you can contact the Wayne Police Department at 402-375-2626.

Discuss your options with the campus and consider filing a report with the College:

If you believe you are dealing with a Title IX issue and wish to discuss your options with a trained professional, or wish to discuss any Title IX related concern, contact the college's Title IX coordinator:

Alicia Dorcey
Title IX Coordinator
Wayne State College
1111 Main Street
Wayne, NE 68787
Phone: 402-375-7289
Email: [email protected]

Report a Title IX Violation