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Pre-Professional Programs

Wayne State offers an excellent education in several fields of pre-professional health and other careers. Our science labs and cutting-edge equipment offer the best training available, and our partnerships with other schools offer direct pathways into medical and professional school.

What is a pre-professional program?

Pre-professional programs are tracks in undergraduate programs that prepare you for an advanced, professional degree after your bachelor’s degree. Pre-professional programs put you on a path to attend medical, engineering, law, or other school, which are required for you to work in these career fields.

Types of pre-professional programs

Pre-professional programs at Wayne State include a variety of health-related programs, preparing you for medical or other health-related school. We also offer programs to prepare you for engineering school, architecture school, law school, and more.

How does Wayne State College prepare you for a professional program?

Wayne State has long provided an excellent career pathway for students who have chosen to become a doctor, athletic trainer, therapist, nurse, pharmacist, chiropractor, lawyer, engineer, architect, or other professional. Our pre-professional health programs lay the foundation needed for admission to the region’s best medical schools, where Wayne State students regularly graduate at the top of their class.

You will choose a profession and a pre-professional track to follow, but you will still need to select a major. A faculty adviser will help you pick out the best major and courses to prepare you for your chosen profession - for example, biology or chemistry for medical careers, math for architecture, or history or English for law.

What are the next steps after completing a pre-professional program?

Simply choosing and completing a pre-professional program does not guarantee you admission to a professional program. Admission to professional programs is competitive, so you will need to work hard to stand out. However, Wayne State also partners with some professional schools so that you are guaranteed admission (and may even be financially assisted) as long as you meet the requirements.

Guaranteed Pathways to Medical and Professional Schools

Wayne State partners with several medical and other professional schools to help you get the best training available. Through special programs, you can be guaranteed spots in professional schools as long as you meet the requirements.

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