Wayne State College

Housing Rules and Regulations

Visitation and Guest Policy

Wayne State College welcomes visitors to campus and allows students to invite family and friends into the residence halls. Students may host guests in their residence hall rooms during the times listed below, as long as the guests do not infringe on the rights of roommate(s) or other residents. Visitation is considered a privilege and is not a right. The rights of the residents outweigh the privilege of having a visitor.

Guest: For the purposes of this policy, a GUEST is defined as any individual approved to visit who is not an assigned occupant of the room. In order to qualify as a guest, a person must:

  • have the approval of a host (and their roommate(s) to visit their room
  • actively have a resdent host in the room or escorting them while they are visiting
  • after 8 p.m., be registered with the front desk of the residence hall, if they are a non-resident of the building.

Resident: For the purposes of this policy, a RESIDENT is defined as a student who is assigned to a specific residence hall room.

Anyone who does not meet one of the above definitions is not permitted to go beyond the main public lobby areas of the residence hall. Anyone who does so is considered an unauthorized visitor and will be asked to leave. 

All exterior doors including main hall entrances are locked 24 hours a day.  All visitors must register (see Guest Registration and Escort Policy, section 2). Any person in the hall after 8 p.m. daily who is not a registered guest of a specific hall resident will be required to leave the hall.


In order to maintain a living environment that respects the security and privacy of all residents, the following regulations have been established and are in effect in all residence halls:

  • The first semester of a first year student is a huge transition process as students become acclimated to their environment and begin to establish a healthy relationship with their roommate(s). To help foster a healthy adjustment to living in the residence halls, all first year students, in their first semester at Wayne State College, will be required to to through a transitional restrictive visitation period which limits guests from visiting between the hours of 1 and 10 a.m. Monday through Friday. Students who have transferred from other colleges and have lived in the residence halls at previous institutions are not subject to this policy.
  • When inviting guests, the hosting resident must first seek the (informal) permission of their roommate(s) to host the guest first. If all roommates are approving, the hosting resident must respect the rights of the roommate(s) and make mutually satisfactory arrangements agreeable to all individuals.
  • A guest MUST be escorted by the hosting resident at all times.
  • The right of the roommate(s) to privacy and the need for the roommate(s) to sleep, study, and to otherwise be free from interference supersede the privilege to host a guest.
  • Roommates have the right to reasonably refuse guests at any time.
  • Rights to sleep and study take precedence over social uses of any room.
  • Residents may be required to complete a Roommate Agreement.
  • Guests are subject to the same rules, regulations and expectations as a resident.
  • The host is responsible for the actions of their guest(s) regardless of whether the host is present to observe the behavior of the guest(s).
  • All guests must be registered and escorted as required in the Guest Registration and Escort Policy below.
  • No resident or guest may use a restroom or shower facility intended for use by the opposite sex.
  • Guests are expected to behave in a way that positively contributes to the residence community, showing respect and consideration for others, for hall property, and for hall staff.
  • Guests who are acting inappropriately/disruptive may be asked to leave the residence hall.
  • Guests will not be issued keys. Residents may not permit guests to use their keys.
  • Guests are not allowed to stay overnight for more than three nights in a seven-day period.
  • Cohabitation is prohibited. Only those residents assigned to a room are allowed to live there and keep their belongings in that assigned space. The presence of someone else's clothing, toiletries, bedding, etc. can be interpreted as cohabitation.
  • The residence life staff reserves the right to limit guests in the event of a disruption to the community due to the behaviors or presence of a guest.

Guest Registration and Escort Policy

For security reasons, all guests (male and female; student and non-student) present in any hall are required to show photo identification and register or check in/out at the hall front desk. All guests must have a specific resident host and must be escorted by their host in all areas in the hall beyond the hall main lobby.

In-hall guest registration: Residents of a hall may visit any other resident of that hall without registering at the front desk, but are required to have an escort after 8 p.m. and must comply with all other visitation regulations.

Underage guests: Guests under age 18 must be escorted by a resident host at all times while in any residence hall, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian or participating in an approved College-sponsored tour or activity. After 8 p.m. daily, underage guests are not allowed in any residence hall without permission from a parent or guardian and the hall supervisor. After 8 p.m. the underage guest's resident host must complete a Guest Registration Form and a residence life staff member will contact the underage guest's parent or guardian to confirm approval and permission to enter the hall or to stay overnight. Underage guests are subject to the same rules, regulations and expectations as other guests.

Disruptive guests: Wayne State residents are responsible for the conduct of their guests and should be certain that their guests understand and observe residence hall and campus regulations. Wayne State residents are financially responsible for any damage to or loss of college property as a result of a guest's action.