Wayne State College

Earning Your MBA

Common Body of Knowledge

Each student is expected to have satisfactorily completed the following courses or their equivalent at the undergraduate level:

Subject Semester Credit Hours
Accounting  3
Corporate Finance  3
Economics  3
Law  3
Management  3
Marketing  3 
Statistics  3

While each candidate who is accepted in the MBA program must be responsible for the Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) subject matter, reasonable flexibility in the administration of the program is observed.

Each student’s background is considered so that a program can be built upon undergraduate work in business, arts and sciences, engineering, and certain other fields. Professionals with extensive business experience are encouraged to complete online tutorial classes to clear up any missing course deficiencies through the MBA Prepworks website.

The process in this evaluation is as follows:

  1. The MBA office will evaluate the student transcripts for CBK deficiencies.
  2. Deficiencies will be noted, and the student will be notified and directed to go to the Ivy Software site to purchase an online tutorial course(s) ($75 / deficiency subject area). They should study the material and take the follow-up test.
  3. When a student has passed an online tutorial course, they should notify the MBA Office. Verification will then take place, and the CBK deficiency will then be removed.