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An Interdisciplinary Education

Develop practical communication skills through application in oratory and rhetoric, the performing arts, technology and media.

Electronic Media Speech Communication Journalism Theatre Arts

Mass Communication

Mass Communication students learn to become professionals in a wide range of media positions requiring multimedia production, including electronic media and journalism, public relations, and other creative enterprises, instilling high discipline competence. You will learn critical thinking, writing, video and audio production, leadership skills, and develop advanced skills resulting from extensive hands-on experience.

Speech communication

Speech communication students are prepared to enter careers in corporate communications, public relations, and marketing communications. Mass communication students become media professionals by learning practical and theoretical skills. This is accomplished through emphasis on critical thinking, writing, and technological knowledge to prepare students for careers in electronic media, print journalism, public relations, and other creative enterprises in a converging media environment. 

Theatre Arts

Theatre training offers exciting career opportunities. Potential employers recognize theatre people are creative individuals with a broad range of communication and problem-solving skills. Many careers emphasize written and interpersonal communication, aesthetic discernment, emotional understanding, teamwork, and organizational ability – the skills at which theatre people excel.

Our Faculty

Deborah Whitt, Chair, Dept. of Communication Arts
Maureen Carrigg, Mass Communication/Electronic Media
Randa Garden, Speech Communication
Gwen Jensen, Theatre
Allyn Lueders, Speech Communication 
Michael Marek, Mass Communication/Electronic Media
Max McElwain, Mass Communication/Journalism
Mollie Spieker, Communication Arts
Zoe VanderWeil, Speech Communication
Michael White, Communication Arts
Ronald Whitt, Speech Communication

The Wayne Stater
The Wayne Stater

Journalism students cut their teeth by running a weekly newspaper

More About the Stater

The student-run campus radio station is a fully-equipped broadcast radio station, operating 24 hours a day during the school year.

More About KWSC-FM

KWSC-TV is the student-run educational cable access channel.

More About KWSC-TV

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