Wayne State College

Randa Garden

Dr. Randa Lumsden Garden is Professor of Communication at Wayne State College. Dr. Garden and Dr. William Seiler, Professor of Communication at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, co-authored a research paper titled, “Serious illness conversations with doctors: Patients using information from sources other than their doctors.” This article, published in the Health Communication Journal, is based on the first author’s dissertation directed by Dr. William Seiler at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Read the online version of the article available through Taylor & Francis. 

Dr. Garden has presented her research at the Western State Communication Association Conference in Palm Springs, Calif., and has presented her work at several of the annual National Communication Association (NCA) Conferences. While her primary research interests examine issues related to doctor-patient communication, she has also explored the communication challenges of family caregivers for those with Alzheimer’s disease.

In 2014, Dr. Garden presented her paper titled, “Protecting older family members from financial elder abuse” at the NCA Convention in Chicago. She presented her paper titled, “Using critical discourse analysis as a method to engage in discussions about protecting older family members from financial elder abuse” on the Discourse Analysis Methodology panel at the 2015 NCA Convention in Las Vegas. Dr. Garden was invited to present her paper titled, “She went to church to pray and was preyed upon: A narrative inquiry of financial elder abuse” at the Research in Progress roundtables panel at the 2016 NCA Convention in Philadelphia.


Ph.D., 2009 – University of Nebraska-Lincoln

M.S.E., 1998 – Wayne State College

B.S., 1996 – Wayne State College

A.A., 1974 – Northeast Community College

Academic Interests

Dr. Garden teaches Health Communication, Communication and Ethics, Organizational Communication, Speech Communication, Qualitative Research Design, and Seminar in Communication. In the summer, she teaches an online Research Design class. In addition to conducting her own research, she enjoys helping students with their original research and preparing them to present their work at major conferences. Students from her Qualitative Research Design (QRD) class have been honored at Central States Communication conferences every year since 2012 for their original research. Their papers, which were the final research projects in her QRD class, were competitively reviewed and accepted for presentation.

Dr. Garden is an instructor to honor students on their honors research projects presented at the Spring and Fall Honor Colloquiums. Each spring, Dr. Garden and students in her Organizational Communication class participate in a Service-Learning research project examining “Emotions in Organizations.” 

Dr. Garden presently serves on the Rank, Promotion & Tenure (RPT) Committee, Rural Law Opportunities Program (RLOP) committee, and Graduate Council at Wayne State College.