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Communication Arts Department

Develop and apply practical communication skills with a degree in journalism, media, communication studies, public relations, or theater.

About the Communication Arts Department

Through mass communication, communication studies, and theater arts, we teach various methods of distributing a message, and we provide hands-on learning opportunities to make it happen. Our faculty are dedicated to developing your critical thinking and problem-solving skills through journalism and public relations classes, media training, and theater productions. 

Our electronic media workshops and modern broadcast facilities will give you abundant firsthand experience in a wide range of multimedia content throughout your college career. Student-run media - KWSC-FM radio, KWSC-TV, and The Wayne Stater - provide alternatives to community media. These long-standing, pioneering student media emphasize practical application through immediate and hands-on experience.

And if you want to take the stage to act, direct, or build sets, Wayne State College offers numerous opportunities in the performing arts each year – just bring your talent and passion, and we’ll find a spot for you.


Helpful Links

WSC Film Festival
The Wayne Stater
KWSC-FM (radio)
KWSC Studios (TV and video production)
Performance Opportunities (music and theatre)
Black and Gold Performing Arts Series

Taylor Clark

“My brother’s friend was actually in broadcasting here, and I was seeing the videos and radio programs he was doing, and it just got me excited. I’ve always been creative, and I wanted to show that aspect, but never did that in high school with video or anything radio-related. So I wanted to give that a try, and I liked it.”


Taylor Clark '18

Major: Electronic Media
Hometown: Lincoln, Neb.

Communication Arts Degree Programs

Choose from our mass communication and communication studies programs, or enhance your education by adding on a second major or minor. Explore your options here.

Program Name Bachelor's Pre-Professional or Affiliate Master's Minor Education Field Endorsement Education Subject Endorsement Supplemental Endorsement
Agricultural Communication and Leadership Explore             
Animation and Motion Graphics       Explore       
Communication Studies Explore      Explore       
Digital Film Production Explore      Explore       
Editing and Publishing       Explore       
Electronic Media Explore      Explore       
Interdisciplinary Studies Explore    Explore  Explore       
Journalism Explore      Explore       
Journalism and Media (7-12) Explore             
Nursing (Accelerated)   Explore           
Online and Social Media       Explore       
Organizational Leadership and Public Relations Explore             
Promotion and Media       Explore       
Public Relations Management - Online Master's Degree (MSOM)     Explore         
Speech Education (7-12) Explore             
Sports Media Explore             
Theatre Arts Explore      Explore       
Theatre Education (7-12) Explore             
Deb Whitt, Ph.D.

“Our programs engage and prepare students for their chosen careers in electronic media, theater, journalism, public relations, and communication studies. These dynamic programs of study offer students the opportunity to develop and deliver broad communication skills through analysis and application of their specific programs. These include specific study of their discipline’s theories in the performing arts, technology, and media, practical application of these theories, and ethical tenets that are the cornerstone of the study of communication. Each year our communication arts graduates move into wide areas in American society for both employment opportunities and for professional development and service. Communication arts students fit well into business and industry, as well as most sectors of private and public organizations. Many have gone on to receive both master’s and doctorate degrees in a wide variety of professions, which include business, law, ministry, medicine, education, communication studies, theater, and mass communication.”


Deborah Whitt, Ph.D.

Department Chair
Professor of Communication Arts

Outside the Classroom

At Wayne State College, you’ll have opportunities to enhance your education by participating in clubs, organizations, mass media outlets, and more.

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Clubs and Organizations

best colleges for communication activities

Media Outlets and Events

  • Wildcat Spirit Short Film Festival – A special opportunity to showcase your filmmaking skills, meet other filmmakers in the region, and compete for prizes.
  • The Wayne Stater - Practice your skills in reporting, writing, editing, and photography for The Wayne Stater. You’ll have the opportunity to compete for awards for your work in college journalism.
  • KWSC Studios (TV and video production) - Provide sports, news, and entertainment for the masses through our student-run educational cable access channel, KWSC-TV on Channel 6.
  • KWSC-FM (radio) - Get some on-air training through our student-run campus radio station.  Our fully-equipped broadcast station runs 24 hours a day during the school year.
mass communications college activities


  • Workshops - Communications and theater arts workshops will give you abundant firsthand experience for you to hone your skills in preparation for a career in this field of study.
  • Trips, conferences, and more – Attend communication conferences and presentations, and participate in leadership opportunities. You’ll get the chance to attend the National Student Electronic Media Convention and Nebraska Collegiate Media Association meetings. The WSC Media Club and students from KWSC-FM and KWSC Studios travel to Omaha, Neb., Lincoln, Neb., Norfolk, Neb., Sioux City, Iowa, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Kan., and Denver – all markets for station and media business tours.
  • Theater productions – From acting to designing to constructing sets, you’ll get hands-on experience through WSC mainstage productions.
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WSC can provide you with a variety of publication outlets, writing opportunities, theater productions, and other events to build your portfolio and gain practical experience in this field of study. If you’re a speech or theater education major, you’ll need to complete clinical practice (student teaching). Career Services is also available to help you find internship opportunities.

Learn From the Best

Our faculty are accomplished. Several are highly regarded as experts and have been recognized with notable honors and awards. And with a low student-to-faculty ratio, you'll be sure to receive an excellent education in a personalized setting with a friendly atmosphere.

Communication Arts Scholarships

In addition to having the region’s most affordable tuition, we offer thousands of dollars in scholarships every year. Learn more about scholarships for  communication arts students.

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