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Physical Sciences & Mathematics

Our programs create graduates who plan to pursue advanced or technical work in the fields of mathematics and the physical sciences - chemistry, physics, and earth science.

Intellectual Curiosity

The school fosters a climate of intellectual curiosity while it also provides the training needed to start a good career or go on for additional graduate education. Faculty collaboration with students on research is encouraged, along with engagement in regional service and community outreach. Students' creativity is showcased through a variety of interconnected science based projects and experiential learning is promoted through many kinds of opportunities in the community. The school has been highly successful in placing students into professional schools and graduates into jobs. 

Top-Notch Facilities

The Physical Sciences and Mathematics Department is housed in the Carhart Science Building. The newly renovated facility boasts state-of-the-art laboratories and the Fred G. Dale Planetarium, which features a variety of shows designed to explain physical laws and mathematical principles.

Student Clubs

Biology Club
Health Science Club
Ironic Bonders 
Kappa Mu Epsilon
Math Club
Pre-PT Club
Wildlife Society
WSC Pre-Dental Club 



There are dozens of scholarships dedicated to students in physical sciences and mathematics. Find out more here.

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