Wayne State College

Adam Davis

Dr. Adam Davis is a professor of physics at Wayne State College. He is also the pre-engineering advisor and physics lab director. Before coming to Wayne State College, Davis taught as an instructor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and worked on the Nebraska Astronomy Applet Project and ClassAction programs. He continues to be involved in astronomy education at UNL. He is a member of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences and chair of the physics section during the spring conferences.

Currently he is the Academic Policies department representative.

Davis values open-mindedness and political diversity. He is a member of Heterodox Academy and shares much of the academy's goals.

Davis maintains an active interest in cosmology and faster-than-light possibilities. At a more hobby level, he shows interest in topics such as determinism, free will, theology, Javascript, and Bohmian mechanics.


Ph.D. Physics (emphasis in cosmology), Case Western Reserve University, 2005

B.S. Physics, Brigham Young University, 2000