Wayne State College

Darius Agoumba

Dr. Darius Agoumba is a professor of chemistry at Wayne State College. He helps new international students learn American culture and is a member of the Rotary International Club and the advisor of WSC's Rotoract Club. Before coming to Wayne State, Agoumba taught physics and chemistry at the Military Academy of Benin. He has given research presentations at Gordon Conference for the American Chemistry Society (ACS) and the Nebraska Academy of Sciences (NEA). Agoumba is a member of the ACS and the NEA and has done work with the Nebraska Renewable Energy Systems. He received a state scholarship to study in Kharkov for his master's degree.

Agoumba's research interests include investigation of chemical and physical properties of biodiesel, improvement of DMFC efficiency, and alternative uses of tropical vegetable oils. His teaching interests are general chemistry, analytical chemistry, and instrumental analysis.


Ph.D. Chemistry (Analytical Chemistry), University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa, 2004

M.S. Chemistry (Applied Chemistry), Delaware State University-Dover, 1999

M.S. Chemistry (Physical Chemistry), State University of Kharkov-USSR, 1990