Wayne State College

International Student Admissions

Cost of Attendance

2022-23 Cost of Attendance One Rate at Wayne State*
Tuition (30 credit hours per year) $5,580*
Fees (30 credit hours per year) $2,108
Books and Supplies (estimated) $1,390
Meals (225 meals plus $350 flex) $4,310
Housing** (Standard room - Berry Hall) $4,130
Total Costs $17,518

*One Rate at Wayne State: In recognition of the value of a diverse student population and the fact that WSC's service region extends beyond the Nebraska borders, all undergraduate students (including international students) receive in-state tuition. Undergraduate, non-resident students are subject to an additional $1 per credit hour for the One Rate Waiver. Does not include online programs or graduate programs.

**Premium and single rooms are available at higher rates. Learn more about housing costs.


Extra Costs (annual estimate)  
Health insurance (estimate) $1,600
Living expenses*** $1,840

**Living expenses (cellphone/data, clothes, entertainment, travels, etc.) estimated at $200/month.