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Wayne State College Strategic Plan

Inspire. Strengthen. Serve.

A Message from the President

WSC President, Dr. Marysz Rames

As president, I am pleased to present the Wayne State College Strategic Plan for 2022-2028. This new plan, which was nearly two years in the making due to pandemic-induced delays, supports the momentum of the college with a data-driven blueprint that aims to inspire students, strengthen communities, and serve our region.

The plan advances strategic goals and initiatives that leverage the College’s strengths, minimize weaknesses, and seize opportunities. Our goals are clear: improve retention and graduation rates, provide high-quality academic programs and campus facilities, support workforce and economic development in the region, maintain affordability and access, and manage resources for sustainability.

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Our Mission

Wayne State inspires students through access to affordable, high quality academic programs, personalized support services, and a culture committed to diversity, sustainability, and creativity. The College strengthens communities by engaging students in experiential learning and leadership opportunities. Wayne State serves the region through cultural opportunities, strategic partnerships, and innovative economic development programs.

Our Vision

Wayne State creates an environment of rigorous teaching, active learning, and meaningful service that engages students on a path to transformational leadership.

Inspire. Strengthen. Serve.

Wayne State College is committed to a campus culture that exemplifies our mission and vision through academics, arts, and athletics. We are a community of 25,000+ alumni coast to coast, and across the globe, who live out the power of a Wayne State education.

Core Values

Wayne State has identified six Core Values that guide the creation and execution of WSC’s strategic goals and initiatives. These Core Values encapsulate the fundamental beliefs of the College and form the foundation on which WSC performs work and conducts itself. Our Core Values also underline how administration, faculty, and staff interact with each other, students, alumni, partners, and other stakeholders. These values serve as a critically important component of the strategic planning process by ensuring the College continually considers its commitment to the attributes that have made us who we are today.

Culture and Community
We celebrate a campus culture that exemplifies our mission and vision, serving the region through academics, arts, and athletics.


Innovation and Agility
We boldly question conventional knowledge while building innovative solutions for tomorrow’s challenges.

We create a supportive environment that engages each individual’s unique contribution and empowers personal growth.


We collaborate with business, civic, and educational leaders to provide a broad range of learning opportunities for students.

Engaged Learning
We integrate classroom experience with practical application, supporting students to live their learning through co-curricular opportunities, internships, service, and research.

We embrace environmental sustainability by balancing the needs of the future with our daily stewardship of resources.

Strategic Goals

Strategic goals are the results or outcomes that WSC intends to achieve during the six-year strategic planning period. Each goal contains a strategic initiative that aligns with our core values to help translate our goals into practice.

1) Student Success and Completion
Ensure all students have the necessary support to graduate.

2) Institutional and Academic Quality
Deliver high-quality academic programs, support services, and co-curricular activities.

3) Regional and Economic Impact
Serve as an incubator of ideas and catalyst for social and cultural enrichment as well as economic development.

4) Access and Affordability
Provide students with access to affordable undergraduate and graduate programs.

5) Financial Sustainability
Effectively manage resources to secure Wayne State’s long-term financial stability.

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