Wayne State College

Wayne State Foundation Board of Trustees

Wayne State Foundation Executive Committee (as of 2023)

Mrs. Leslie Bebee      
Mrs. Brenda Carhart - President
Mr. William Dickey
Mr. Donald Koeber
Mrs. Adrian Minks   
Mr. Randy Pedersen
Mr. Carter Peterson
Mr. William Reeg  
Mr. Michael Riedmann         
Mr. Donald Soukup
Mr. Brett Frevert
Dr. Glenda Gallisath – Vice President
Mr. Matt Ley – Secretary/Treasurer
Mr. Byron Schafersman
Mr. Regg Swanson  

Foundation Trustees (as of 2023)

Jeff Ahlers
Lisa and Ryan Albers
Gregory and Susan Allen
Marion and *Patricia Arneson
Verna Mae Baier
Terry and Patricia Baker
Adriana Barajas
Michael Beacom
Timothy and Leslie Bebee
Brad Bigelow
Matthew and Sarah Blomenkamp
Duane and Jean Blomenkamp
Melinda and Bruce Boles
Ronald and Judy Boner
Brian and Amy Bowers
Shannon Briese
Kevin and Diane Brummer
Jane and *James Budde
George Burcum and Susan Boust
Scott and Brenda Carhart
Jerry Carlson
Patricia and Ronald Carnes
Mona Casady
Christin Cook-Lutt and Rod Lutt
Jean K. Davis
Justin and Allison Davis
Dean and Margaret deBuhr
William and Deb Dickey
Melissa Dobbins
Gregory and Stacey Dohrman
Mark Dorcey
Paul and Janelle Eaton
Maureen Eggert
Bart Emanuel
Vicki Engelen
Robert and Deborah Ensz
David and Kellie Ensz
David Ewing
Brett Frevert
Curt and Dianne Frye
John and Anita Fuelberth
Glenda Gallisath
Trevor Garbers
Kirk Gardner
Elizabeth and Patrick Garvin
Bart and Terri Gotch
Marcia Gray
Jason Gustafson
Brian and Julie Hass
Thomas and Patricia Hastings
Larry and Judith Hilkemann
Mark Hill and Karen Longe
Jean and David Hillyer
Ronald Holt
Dennis and Marcia Hult
Kirk Hutton
Patrick Ivers
Dean Jacobs
Dana and Cindy Janssen
Jamisen and Renee Jensen
Galen and Pamela Johnson
David Johnson
Dustin and Emily Jones
Jean and Gerald Karlen
Richard and Rebecca Keidel
Tim and Rita Keller
Karen and Phillip Kelton
C. Victor and Janice Kensler
Christian and Mary Kingery
Lenny Klaver
Kelly and Lisa Kneifl
Matthew Kneifl
Keith and Karen Knudsen
Donald and Claudia Koeber
William and Valerie Koeber
Lyle and Carol Koenig
Dennis and Gale Korth
Brett and Janel Kramer
Lou Ann Landholm
Donald and Sue Larsen
Jacob Lemar
David and Kathryn Ley
Matt Ley and Sandy Brown
Robert Lichtenberg
Jim Lindau and Joyce Reeg
Dennis and Carolyn Linster
Bruce and Deborah Lundahl
Donald Mash
Terry McClain
Mark and Gail McCorkindale
Niels and Vicki McDermott
Gordon and Carin McGee
William Melena
George and Susan Menking
Jonathan and Diane Meyer
Amy and John Miller
Adrian and Jon Minks
Terri Monk and Craig Weldon
Alan and Jennifer Movall
Jean and Donald Mueting
Steven Muir
Phillip and Sue Nelson
Raymond and Marta Nelson
David Noyes
Bruce and Sheri O'Neel
Keith and Theresa Olsen
Dean and Pamela Ott
Gerald and Margo Overton
James and Sharyn Paige
Leslie Palmer
Rusty Parker
Neal Paul
Randall and Rozan Pedersen
Cap Peterson
Victoria Pick
Mark and Barbara Pingrey
Duane and Kathleen Polodna
Jed and Ann Reeg
William and Betty Reeg
Kam Reeves
Michael and Coleen Riedmann
Kent and Karen Riesberg
Don and Tamara Rinehart
Lukas Rix
Janna Rutledge
Charles and Sharon Sass
Byron and Amber Schafersman
Mark and Cheryl Schlickbernd
A. Thomas and Cynthia Schomberg
Lynn and Christian Schreurs
George Shuck
Gary and Janice Small
Jeanette and Grant Snyder
Donald and Diane Soukup
Stephen Srb
Hal and *Sheila Stearns
Roger and Liana Steele
Regg Swanson
Marcile Thomas
Rodney and Loreta Tompkins
Brandon and Mollie Trease
Joel and Chera Tremblay
Michael and Kayla Varley
Diane Vovos
Timothy and Cinda Wacker
Thomas and Joan Wilson
Ricky and Jayne Wimer
Mardelle Wiseman
Galen and Kathy Wiser
Vance and Peggy Wolverton
Reggie and *Marilyn Yates
Stephen Zelinsky and Cindy Stella-Zelinsky