Wayne State College

About Wayne State Rugby



Tompkins Rugby Park

A 22-acre rugby complex located eight blocks off campus.

Located on East 4th Street, this four-field rugby complex is one of the finest rugby facilities in the Midwest.

  • Two practice fields 70x120 yards
  • One match pitch 76x124 yards
  • Match pitch built into a bowl and able to seat 1,500 fans

Located next to the Wayne Softball Complex, a concession stand, adequate parking, and indoor public restrooms are already located next to the rugby park. Lighting is already under consideration with the use of the power source from the softball utilities. Changing rooms are also being planned for next season. In 2012, a brand new large scoreboard and new PA system was added to the main pitch along with a video and broadcast booth 35 feet above the main pitch for play by play coverage.This video booth is located at the 22-meter line, just north of the two-story clubhouse that is a the midfield stripe elvevated on a 20-foot elevated hill for excellent viewing of the games. Plans for showers for both teams are in the works for next school year and those will be located right next to the changing room areas behind the north goal posts.



With this facility and aggressive improvements, the Wildcats of Wayne State College has hosted four rounds of the national playoff structure of the Sweet 16/Elite 8 rounds of the collegiate playoff system for women and men. Having 120 hotel rooms just two blocks away from the rugby park, playoff rugby has been massive in Wayne.