Wayne State College

Michael Mutehart

Dr. Michael Mutehart is an assistant professor in the Life Sciences Department at Wayne State College. Mutehart has a strong background in clinical anatomy education. He taught for more than 10 years prior to coming to WSC, with experience in undergraduate and professional (MD and PA) programs.

Ph.D. Evolutionary Biology, Northwestern University-Chicago, 2018
B.A. Biological Anthropology, Northern Illinois University-DeKalb, Ill., 2008

Academic Interests

Mutehart is a primatologist interested in the morphology, behavior, ecology, and fossil record of South American monkeys. His varied research interests include the evolution of primate form and the function of the extant primate morphology. He is committed to the conservation of South American primates and interested in all endeavors to prevent the further extinction of species.

His teaching responsibilties are mainly in the field of human gross anatomy and its related counterparts (histology, comparative anatomy, etc.). He enjoys bringing clinical discussions into the classroom along with topics related to the evolution of human form.