Wayne State College

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FAQs for Parents

Where will my student live?

Wayne State College provides seven co-ed residence halls for its students. All halls are wired for internet access.

Freshman students under 20 years of age are required to live in a campus residence hall unless they (1) are married or (2) are living with their parents or legal guardians, or (3) have already lived in a campus residence hall for one full academic year.

Does my student need a meal plan?

Yes. All students residing in the residence halls must participate in a meal plan

Is the campus safe for my student?

Yes. The Wayne State College Security Department is available 24-7 for assistance, response to incidents, and prevention.

Does my student have a curfew?

No, there are no curfews set. There are, however, visitation hours for guests of WSC residence halls. Visiting hours are from 10 a.m. to midnight Monday through Thursday with 24-hour visitation from 10 a.m. Friday to midnight Sunday.

Is drinking alcohol allowed on campus?

No. The possession or consumption of alcohol and /or illegal drugs is prohibited. There are policies and consequences implemented to control the use of alcohol and drugs on campus.

Is Wayne State College an accredited institution?

Yes. The North Central Association of Colleges and Schools has accredited all the undergraduate and graduate programs of WSC, including education specialist. The baccalaureate degrees have been approved since 1933, the master’s degrees since 1962, and the education specialist degree since 1983. The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education has accredited all of the College’s undergraduate programs since 1954 and all graduate programs since 1962. The college is approved at both undergraduate and graduate levels by the Nebraska Board of Education.

What financial aid is available for my student?

Wayne State student can qualify for loans and grants. In fact, approximately 75% of our undergraduate students receive financial aid. Find out more on our Financial Aid page.

Will my student be able to have a job on campus?

Yes. Part-time, straight time, and summer jobs are available on WSC campus. Federal work-study may also be an option for WSC students. Many students also opt to find a job off-campus, too. The office of Career Services is able to help students search for and apply for jobs in the area.

What extra-curricular activities are available for my student?

Wayne State College has more than 100 clubs and organizations to join and more than 40 intramural sports. Plus, free concerts, movies, comedians, and more are available all year long.

Will my student need to buy a computer? 

Many students choose to bring their own desktop or laptop computers, but it is not required.

WSC offers more than 300 computers on campus for general student use.

If your student wishes to bring their own computer, WSC offers free high-speed internet and wireless access.

Additionally, all WSC students are eligible for discounts from many computer retailers.