Wayne State College

Planning for College

Planning for college


The Best Plans Start Early

Planning for college should start early...

Your High School Career

Being prepared for college level courses begins with the classes you take in high school. Wayne State accepts all students who meet the minimum state requirement for graduation from high school, but you will be better to prepared in college if you take college preparatory curriculum in high school. We recommend the following high school courses.


English/Language Arts 4 units (years)
Mathematics (including Algebra) 3 units (years) 
Social Studies/History  3 units (years) 
Sciences  3 units (years) 
We also recommend additional courses in:
Foreign Language
Fine and Performing Arts
Computer Literacy 


This is just the start. 

Also consider taking AP classes and the AP test to earn credit for some Wayne State courses. View our AP course credit guide for more information.

The ACT/SAT Test

We require the ACT or SAT test for admission.

Paying for College

How do you plan on paying for college? Discuss with your parents their plan...etc...cover scholarships, financial aid process, working during college, etc.

Admission, Registering and Orientation

Once you've decided to attend Wayne State, the summer before you arrive will be an exciting one. Spend your summer preparing for the start of your college career. We will send you information about registering for courses at New Student Registration. Dates are throughout the summer.

You should also plan on attending New Student Orientation, a fun-filled weekend before classes begin where you can move into your dorm, meet other freshmen, get acquainted with campus and generally have fun.  

If you haven't already toured campus, or want to come and tour it again, we would love to host you any time. Summer tours are available, plus check out all of our special visit days if you haven't already done so.