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Honors Program


Wayne State College

At Wayne State College, belonging to the Honors Program means not only distinction, but special opportunities and challenges for students with high aspirations. In any academic program at WSC, honors students have the option of choosing one of three honors options: High Honors in the Major, Honors in the Major, and Scholar in the Major.

The WSC Honors Program is designed to nurture talent by providing opportunities to go further into an academic discipline, to broaden and deepen an education beyond the usual required work, and to nurture and reward genuine intellectual curiosity. Research opportunities will help students develop the skills of independent thinking and scholarly inquiry. The program engages students through a combination of specialized general education courses (usually taken during the freshman and sophomore years) and research projects completed in the academic major (usually completed in the junior and senior years). The program is structured so that students are not generally required to take additional credit hours beyond those required for graduation. Honors work can also be very practical. Prospective employers and graduate admissions committees often look carefully at an undergraduate record for evidence of extra initiative and genuine intellectual strength.