Wayne State College

Online forms: Request to Add/Elevate an Intercollegiate Program

Any requests made by, or on the behalf of, a student, student organization, club program or group of students representative of Wayne State College for a sport or program to be considered for sponsorship as an intercollegiate varsity sport will be submitted to the Director of Athletics (AD).  A request is defined as any formal or informal inquiry submitted to a Wayne State College administrator, coach and/or staff member, either in writing or verbally, seeking the process for a sport or program to be considered for intercollegiate status.

View the full procedure for reviewing requests for intercollegiate status (PDF)

IMPORTANT - This form has a time limit of 25 min (per page).  If you don't progress from page to page within 25 minutes the form will timeout and you will lose any information you were trying to submit.

Due to the nature of some of the questions we expect that the time limit could possibly be an issue so we'd like to prepare you a little before you start.

Here are a few of the questions that you may want to have answers to before you start the form.  You can have them typed out ahead of time and then copy/paste them into the form as needed.

  • Number of students who are supporting the requests (names if possible)
  • Specifics as to what is being requested (i.e. elevation of a current program to intercollegiate status, addition of a new intercollegiate sport, etc.).
  • Justification for submitted request